Mobile App Analytics – How it is beneficial for apps to succeed!

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“What gets measured, gets managed.” Peter Drucker.

 The late management guru, when said this, he did not know that it would be just apt for the Analytics today. This is one imperative reason why most companies invest in Analytics.

Taking the importance of Analytics to its peak, mobile phones further have changed the game. Resulting in the persistent need for powerful mobile Analytics platforms. Mobile Analytics enables one measure both application revenue and usage. It helps business owners to make better data-driven decisions, thereby increasing customer engagement as well as monetization for an app. It also helps keep a track of the recent trends and for consumers mobile Analytics leads in increasing brand awareness.

Numerous market drivers, restraints and opportunities influence the current mobile analytics market. The market penetration of smartphones and growing demand to get actionable insight according to the buyers’ preferences have fast-tracked the need for mobile analytics worldwide. Mobile advertising and dawn of data analytics and big data have further pushed the mobile analytics market on a higher side of growth chart.

Benefits of Mobile Analytics

Comprehend the ROI of mobile marketing investments

Mobile Analytics measures all the important mobile metrics across mobile websites, mobile app platforms and different mobile form factors. This provides the insight you need to determine how mobile really contributes to your marketing efforts and scenarios like why an app has low usage, why an app is getting poor adoption, etc. These insights can be used to improve user engagement, increase user retention, and enhance the user experience.

Measure what is important

Mobile analytics enables you to know how the initial versions of your new mobile app is being used so that you can plan investments for the next versions. It aids you to measure what is important in mobile marketing and understand usage patterns of mobile apps. It provides you real-time reports to monitor user acquisition and user engagement. The real-time reports include:

– Number of users sorted by app version

– Screens in which the users are currently active

– Location from where they are accessing the app

 Perform random analytical study of mobile activity

If some sect of users begin to abandon particular carts rapidly, the cause has to be found out. Mobile analytics provides the ability to explore and interact with your data in an ad-hoc fashion and generate analysis paths. This facilitates analysts and marketers with actionable insights as mobile analytics platform provides the insight about:

– New users and active users

– Location where your users are most active

– Devices on which your app is running

– Detailed metrics for your screens and sessions

– User retention and lifetime value

Optimize your mobile campaigns

Lot of efforts go into putting up a campaign but it is necessary to know how the campaign will churn out better results. Through the power of mobile analytics marketing managers can ensure whether their mobile campaigns are going well or failing drastically. Many users download apps, use it once or twice and become inactive. Mobile Analytics gives insights on who is using your app in real time, so that the actual number of users using the app can be crunched.

Several Analytics tools also aid you to get the user path and engagement inside the app, such as from where the user has started his journey, what actions he has taken, how much time the he has spent on a particular screen, on what screen he quit the app, etc. App developers can leverage these insights to troubleshoot the app and also check loyalty and frequency of user visits. They can also track conversion and compare it to other channels. Then take action to increase transactions for their campaigns.

Understand the role of mobile in your customer journey

If a consumer is booking a movie ticket or ordering a pizza on a desktop and later looks up the confirmation email on mobile his experience should be consistent throughout. Mobile analytics enables marketers to measure and compare all digital channels in a unified way in order to understand the multi-channel behaviours of customers. With this information, they can optimize the experience across the entire customer journey.


Mobile explosion is such that all the modern marketers, entrepreneurs, publishers, and individuals should definitely consider the opportunities scattered out. The reason of importance of mobile data is that it is unique and very personalized. Once you have powerful mobile analytics tools, you can easily track behaviour in a more sophisticated way than for desktops.

Undoubtedly, mobile analytics empowers enterprises to conduct quality measurement and optimize their mobile campaigns. However, lack of awareness on the benefits of mobile analytics and growing privacy concerns have restricted the market growth for mobile analytics. Still, with many enterprises entering the market and providing advance solutions mobile analytics are creating greater opportunities for the coming years.

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