Mobile Apps and Websites

Our Web and Mobile apps are custom built for your use case. Having already built and delivered great solutions for one of the leading publishing houses, we bring a lot of experience and value to the table. So, if you have been fretting over iOS app development or Android app development, or about having a responsive website, piStats, lets you accomplish perfection, with zilch hassles involved.

It does not take much effort to make something ordinary, skills are needed to make it great.

Cost reduced

More than 6+ million

Android and iOS

This is the digital era, where your online presence is as crucial as having a functional product. The most palpable link being mobile phones, with 70% traffic coming in via them. With intelligent business algorithms and experts at work, your android and iOS application development will be a state of the art.

Scalable Website with Bandwidth Optimization

As the user statistics change continuously, with steep gains and drops, we make sure that your website is fully scalable, which can keep-up with ever-growing page views. So no matter how much traffic steers in your direction, your website remains functional, with no downtime! As we take care of bandwidth optimization, for performance enhancing with 3 layers of caching for performance and failover recovery.

Cost Optimization

Our data wizardry is not limited to developing aesthetically pleasing applications and websites, we also make sure that your application is optimized from all aspects, 'cost optimization' being of utmost priority. We have successfully reduced cost by 90% for a leading news daily, ABP Live, with performance optimization, leading to humongous increase in page views and app downloads.

Immersive User Experience

Design is about 3 dimensions and 5 senses. It is difficult to sell to your customers or have them visit your website or take a demo, if their user experience doesn’t nod in a YES!
piStats, lets you speak the tongue of art, with a force of commerce. Having successfully delivered mobile and web capabilities, for a leading news daily, we can assure you of our expertise.

Multilingual Search

Not just delivering content in regional/ international languages, piStats CRM lets your users search for specific content in their preferred language, giving them highly tailored suggestions, as per their search specifications.

Steady Increase in Page

With our exceptional performance enhancing and intelligent SEO solutions, your app downloads and overall site traffic will see multifold increase. For ABP Live, we have successfully got them to 600M+ page views and still counting!

Skilled Aesthetics and

piStats lets you commit to a niche, be it aesthetic perfection or innovation. And, it doesn’t end here, it begins to get more interesting. With innovation and impeccability at the heart of piStats, let’s just say, it’s hard to beat us!