Push Notifications

Every user has specific interest patterns and wants access to content which fits his criteria. Keeping tailored user needs in mind, piStats lets you send hyper-personalized push notifications, which can make user engagements more interesting and productive, while you control the frequency, user cohorts and much more!

Not Just Another Business Solution

piStats has been carefully crafted to support different messaging formats and payloads. It can be used to send hyper-personalized push notifications over mobile or web browsers.

The ‘What’ of 'What to Send'

Once we have marked user cohorts and grouped them, the next big question is, What to send them?
piStats has an accurate analytics backend, which supports data with insights, making it easy to predict the right audience, and accurate content for them. It is every user’s personal assistant, keeping a tab of their unique browsing patterns, interests, likes, views, etc., with the capability to foretell and predict what content or story is likely to go viral, and when. This gives the authors, admins, writers, a heads up to better manage and distribute content.

Leverage the ‘Art of Effective

Communication is a two-way street. And, effective communication is an art, wherein if you don’t reach out to your users in their preferred language, over multi-channel and at their time of convenience, it fails to be effective.
Now, while there are many tools and software available in market which help you in sending bulk messages and spam users with push notifications, there aren’t many intelligent-algorithm based solutions, which tells you ‘Who to send, What to send and When to send’.

Whom to send these

piStats let’s you optimize, create and manage user cohorts or groups, based on number of attributes and varied selections.
Your preference for user grouping could vary depending upon their location, technology attributes, user preferences, or user actions. Now, isn’t that the next step of personalization?

When Time is of Essence -
The ‘When’

Now, we have successfully grouped your user base, decided what to send, what’s left to know is the ‘when’. piStats automatically learns usage patterns, and finds out the best time to send messages and notifications.
This gives your business an added advantage of boosting your click-rates, open-rates, steering more traffic on site, reinforce user retention or enhance peak traffic times.

What Can’t be Measured, Can’t be Managed- Extensive Tracking Capabilities

Not just the what, who and when, piStats also ensures that you can keep a strict track of the metrics.

Mobile App

Know what was sent, when was sent and why it was sent?

Mobile App

What was the open rate for each push notification?

Mobile App

How many people subscribed and how many opted-out of notifications?

Mobile App

Which category is most successful for maximum click-rates?

And, so much more! piStats comes with capabilities of customization. So, if there’s a specific parameter you want to include, we can hand-craft and deliver.