Content Management System

Think of a scenario where your team has to deal with those infinite loops of corrections, approvals and access issues, to upload and share content. It is a nightmare for someone with little or no IT prowess! Sadly though, most Media & Entertainment businesses have to deal with this – day in, and day out.

And that’s precisely what piStats is set to change! Built especially for M&E businesses, piStats packs in a feature-rich CMS for media companies and the likes.

Cost reduced

10+ million
unique user

500+ million
page view

Serverless, Fully-Scalable Architecture

The cloud-based serverless architecture powering piStats, makes it an intelligent, an advanced and a completely flexible CMS that functions per your business requirements. If your digital setup demands to expand or contract, and serve humongous or limited number of visitors, the fully scalable architecture of piStats does the job. All that, without any manual intervention or those infamous cost surges!

Effortless, Configurable Interface

Built for today’s editors, piStats interface is the right mix of configurability and usability. The CMS interface lets you design the pages and place content, yet it takes almost no time to become familiar with it. Think about endless possibilities, think piStats!

Multilingual Content Capabilities

Those in the media and entertainment industry know the importance of vernacular content. Now, imagine having to manage 10 different languages, using 10 different platforms?

piStats makes it easier than ever, to work with multiple languages, with its multilingual content capabilities. So, while you concentrate on delivering quality content, we make sure it reaches your readers, tailored to their preferences, in their languages!

Cost Optimization

Every business has a crucial governing factor – the dreaded ROI. With piStats, we assure you that you would do your business a huge help, without breaking the bank.

With our rich expertise and agile-led implementation, we’ve managed to reduce costs by a fair margin of 90%; by doing away with the need for an exorbitantly priced mobile CMS, for starters.

A 360⁰ Customer Experience!

A typical media business would have multiple digital platforms – multilingual websites, an app for news updates, an app for on demand videos or live content or perhaps an internal editorial app as well. piStats helps you manage all of them from one single platform!

Multi-format Support

piStats lets you deliver, manage and take charge of content across all formats - from the mundane articles, newsfeeds and blogposts, to user generated content like comments, quizzes, polls, photos or videos. Heck, it even supports Over the Top(OTT) content, Live TV, Video on Demand (VoD), Live Audio, Internet Radio, and a whole lot more. Quite literally, you name it, piStats supports it.

The cloud-based serverless architecture powering piStats makes it an intelligent and completely flexible CMS.

Create and Manage Ad

Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be a work of art. If you are not different, you are virtually suicidal. piStats helps create and manage ad units, yours and third party integrations, across multiple formats –from those un-intrusive and contextual display banners, to those persuasive yet creatively engaging video ads.

Publishing Workflow
and Approval

In-built workflow, which lets you define the logical steps, and setup roles for the approval process. Route the content with ease, to subject matter experts and stakeholders for review, no-more endless review cycles and unnecessary delays. Have the complete creative control that publishing needs,

SEO Friendly, Social

Any CMS without inbuilt SEO support is incomplete and incompetent, also without proper distribution it adds no effective value to your digital footprints. With piStats you can create SEO friendly URLs and update meta information on the go. With 'while-on-the-page' social connectivity, post directly, unifying the flow!

Tools and Resources

From integrations across SM platforms, or with your email client, CRM suite or any marketing automation platform– piStats can be easily integrated with multiple third party tools, applications and platforms. So, the next time you want to hook up your websites or applications with incoming data from the weather bureau or the latest cricket score – think piStats.

Create Custom Fields
and Collaborate

You have the freedom to create custom fields and menus, manage content across multiple user levels, collaborate better with custom workflows and versioning, and all that, using an integrated platform. Life just got easier for your editors and admins!

Meta Tags and Easy

The content that reaches your readers needs to be read out in a manner which is especially hand-crafted for them. The piStats CRM lets you use meta tags, alongside other fields to manage SEO better, creating responsive, user-friendly and engaging content, including AMP pages with app indexing.