Analytics and Personalization

While most analytics platforms can tell you what a user did on your website, not many can measure what exactly is important to you and not just for any other business out there. Also, while engaging with the user on a real-time basis, based on specific triggers, or telling you what is the likelihood of your content being a hit. Besides these, piStats recommends what kind of content would be a hit for a specific user segment! Go much beyond the regular clickstream metrics. Discover the ‘aha!’ moment with piStats! Curious? Let’s take a closer look at some of the feature-sets.

500+ million

2 + Billion Push

1+ Billion Real time

Trend Predictions

Our intelligent algorithm makes predictions about what's trending online, and powered by Machine Learning, it gives you a thumb’s up, to steer more traffic and attention. Every time there's a story which is performing well, you get customized pop-up notifications to tell you that it’s trending, so you can better manage your content and user feed.

Virality Predictions

With piStats you can know before-hand if a story or a video feed is set to go viral. We give you timely updates on how well is your published content doing, in its online journey. So, if there’s any article or story which is trending, piStats gives you the approximation window, about when it will go viral!

Real-time Dashboards

Our intelligent business solution makes sure that you have real-time access to all information, making the dashboards ultra-responsive and highly interactive. This ensures that you can visually see, monitor and manage traffic spikes and declines, likewise. The real-time feed is so fast and up to date, that you can actually see the exact number of active visitors, users, views, average time spent on stories and so much more.

Next Level Personalization

Our personalization engagements are so brilliant, that your users will see suggestions, even before they know that they want to see it. The algorithm is explicit, making it very suggestive, as it picks up user’s interest patterns, navigation history, previous searches. Even if a user is visiting your website or application for the first time, he is spontaneously greeted with likewise reads and content to explore.

Multilingual Capabilities

Oh! There is no bar on the upper limit on how many languages you can integrate with piStats. This also gives us the capability to offer you personalized feed and suggestions, based on your preferred language. You can get personalized feed in regional languages as well, be it Marathi, Bangla or Punjabi.